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Mussafah Warehouses

Mussafah Industrial Units

Mussafah is one of the oldest industrial locations in UAE; the district had its beginnings from the 1970’s. The Mussafah Port is a driver for the district. The districts had light manufacturing units, warehouses, retails establishments, hotels, residential and worker accommodations.

Most businesses, maintenance workshops and factories are located in the industrial section, which is dotted with two- to five-storey structures. These structures are separated by roads punctuated with roundabouts and negligible greenery. The district is poorly designed and quality of industrial accommodation is poor. There are only a handful of decent quality warehouses in Mussafah.

The road network almost forms a maze and is prone to traffic jams. Entering and exiting the district is quite challenging, especially during peak traffic hours. The units in the district are poorly regulated and implementation of the municipal codes is poor in the older buildings. There are constant reports of accidents and sweeping fires in Mussafah.

No new supply of units is expected in the short-term or next 12 months. Abu Dhabi Business Hub is one of the better developments in the district and has very high occupancy (over 90%).

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